Where Are Most People Watching Sports Highlights?

In the world of sports, things can happen pretty quickly. If there isn’t a professional team, like the New England Patriots taking home the Super Bowl-winning a season title, then there’s an individual, like Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters, grabbing a tournament victory.

With only so much time in the day, people typically turn to sports-related websites to stay on top of it all. Now, there are quite a few options to choose from and to help navigate through them all, here’s a quick guide about where most people are watching sports highlights online.

Watch RoarTube Sports Highlights
  • RoarTube

A relatively new spot to watch sports highlights on the web, RoarTube has taken the competition by storm when it comes to all the videos that it offers. For example, there is a full video library of NFL highlight films along with can’t miss plays from the NHL, ATP Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Racing, the NBA, MMA fighting, Pro Boxing, Golf, Premier League Soccer, and Racing. Along with the highlights, replays are offered of entire games and there is also the ability to stream events live.

  • Youtube

Unlike RoarTube, YouTube is the grandaddy of places to check out sports plays, if not all videos for that matter. The issue with being the oldest though is that using this platform can be rather tricky since there is the main site that people have to navigate through to find the videos they want to watch. Plus, there are secondary channels to search and even those that are based on the secondary channels from third-party contributors. With all the channels, finding the exact thing to watch can sometimes turn into a nightmare.

  • NetFlix

On the web today, Netflix has become one of the top streaming services for movies, documentaries, and TV shows. It’s slowly delving into the realm of offering sports highlight videos, starting with sports documentaries that deal with major sports figures, teams, and events in history.

  • Vimeo

This is a website that offers user-generated content, which is similar to the third party contributors to YouTube. Most of the videos that are on Vimeo are highlights of people’s journeys through their specific sporting activities, including rock climbing, kayaking, skateboarding through different cities landing tricks, and cycling across countries.

  • Dailymotion

This site is all about sharing highlights from sports and activities that aren’t popular with the mainstream audience. What does that mean? It means, that Dailymotion isn’t the place to go for plays from the NHL or NBA. Instead, people go here to see what’s happening in BMX, Road Cycling, F1 Racing, Skiing, Cyclocross, Endurance Events, and many, many others. At the end of the day, things happen super quick in the world of sports and that’s why people turn to sports highlights websites to stay on top of it all. Some of the most popular was just mentioned in this quick guide about where most people are watching sports highlights on the web. Check them out to not miss any of the top sports plays of the day.

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