Vikings NFL Game: How to watch without cable

The days are numbered and soon we will see the Minnesota Vikings back in action during the NFL tournament. This is the yearning of any fan, not to miss every piece and part of the game. However, regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan or not, it is not a guarantee that the economy will be on your side. For really, it is costly to watch every part of Minnesota Vikings matches in NFL tournament.

Vikings NFL watch without cable

Think about the traveling cost to the US bank stadium? What about the subscription fee attached to cable and satellite TV for those who will go for this option? It is hefty right. Don’t worry.

If you have been wondering, how can watch the Minnesota Vikings without spending hugely, then this piece of work is for the post, we are going to talk a number ways through which you can cut the cable cost and still be able to enjoy the game like any other fan.

Ok, let us see.


The first option is to use the service of Verizon. Watching from Verizon will eliminate the need for a cable.throguh its app that can be installed on the different supportive platform, you will be to stream the Monday, Sunday and Thursday night matches free of charge. Wow! What an amazing app for suffers? This has let your worries be covered.

NFL GamePass

The second option to cable cutting is the NFL Game Pass. Though here you will be required to make a one-time payment, which will not be more than $100, it is still cheaper compared to what you could have to pay on satellite or Cable TV. Maybe the drawback here is that some games will be restricted. But better half than to miss everything because of the hefty cable fees.

Last note

So, why not use these two methods and be able to access the Minnesota Vikings live football

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