Watch Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix at home

Sports car enthusiasts have always been fond of electrifying car races. Funs of heavy-muscled cars, stunning race trucks, and power-packed races always look forward to the best of such events happening around the globe.

Watch Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix at home

Watching the Australian Grand Prix is one of the most thrilling experiences. This amazing race is a major annual event in Australia. However, race is not particularly known in terms of overtaking. For many years, the Albert Park Circuit has averaged for 24 overtake only. This is far much less compared to others like the Shanghai International Circuit, which averages 52 overtake per race.

Australian Grand Prix is scheduled to happen on March 13, 2020, at 02:00. Above 100,000 spectators flood through the gates during the race, making Australia host one the most attended event globally. Good to note, spectators are not only those who attend the event, but you can also catch the action in the comfort of your home.

Everything normally takes place in the morning hours. For the home watchers, it is recommended that you stock up on plenty of food and drinks and ensure that you don’t miss any episode. It does not feel good to miss an exciting part of the event in the course of fixing something for your stomach.

You can get live coverage on Eurosport that lets you follow the key moments as they happen. For more live coverage, subscribe and tune in to Sky Sports Channel using the Sky Sports channel and watch all the actions taking place at Australian Grand Prix. Sky Sports App enables you to have an F1 Australian GP live stream.

Another way to watch the event at home is by purchasing the Now TV Pass. The TV will enable you to get all the coverage of the event with friends and family at home. In case you don’t make it watch the event, listening will also do. Tune in to radio broadcasting stations that cover Australian Grand Prix such as BBC Sport and 3AW’ radio station. Radioline App can help you get access to all those channels.

How to Watch the Players on Fubo Tv and NBC Sports

If you are looking for some reliable ways of watching the player’s championship online, then try out using Fubo TV.

Fubo TV is among the best online content providers. It is available in packages. Moreover, it is accessible anywhere regardless of your geographical location. Additionally, it is supported on a variety of platforms. So, whether you have an iPad, iPhone, Mac, laptop, android or pc, you will still be able to stream this coming player’s championship.

How to Watch the Players on Fubo Tv and NBC Sports

More so, fubo comes with one month of free use to new customers. So, you can stream the player’s champions without even paying a single cent.

One more notable thing about fuboTV is that it incorporates the NBC sports channels in its packages. This as well implies that if you only consider streaming the tournament on NBC sports, Fubo TV still provides the also includes DVR cloud, if you are busy you can record your streams and watch later when you have time.

While it is affordable as well as easy to use not people know how they can stream player’s championship 2020 on Fubo TV and NBC channel. Are you among these folks? Follow the below straightforward steps and you will have everything simplified.

  • Access the fuboTV online. Keep in mind there is a FuboTV app that can be downloaded from the play store, Appstore or Microsoft store. So, download compatible versions and install them on your streaming gadget.
  • Signup or log in if you have an already established account
  • Choose and pay for the package. Remember to choose the package with NBC channel
  • Start enjoying.

Last note

This is how you can watch The Players online on Fubo Tv and NBC sports channel.

Six Nations 2020: England, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and France lyrics

It is a matter of great concern to us that the Six Nations are moving here. This year’s 6 Nations tournament will commence on 1st February and will end on 14th March of the running year. Six Nations 2020 sporting event has been reported previously on media. The event will take place at six home stadiums from the mentioned date. Each team will be matched against one another by 6 teams namely England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. Each and every six nations live online broadcast is on free air television in the United Kingdom. The airtime is distributed throughout the BBC and ITV.

Six Nations 2020: England, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France lyrics

Team Details of 6 Nations


England was not the winner of the last installment of Rugby 6 Nations in 2019, and the England team took second place at the points table with 18 points. Yet England is the most consistent team ever with six-time champions at this Rugby Nations Series. The first match team England will play versus France at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, on 2nd February.


France keeps its place as the second most successful team of the 6 Nations tournament. France has a record of 5 times champions and the last one won in 2010. France took 4th place on the 10-point table in the last edition in 2019. In round 1, France will be playing for its first match versus Britain at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis on 2 February 2020 in the Six Nations Champions.


With a four-time Rugby Six Nations champion, Ireland’s Rugby Team is the biggest rival in the coming 21st edition. Ireland was the winning team in 2018, but it fell to 3rd place in the points table with 14 points after the next edition in 2019. Ireland was the winning team in 2018, but it fell to 3rd place in the points table with 14 points after the next edition in 2019.


Really unfortunate Scottish side in Rugby. The team didn’t win yet, but in the arena, it has a great deal of energy to conquer. The Scottish team finished 5th on the list with 9 points at the last session of Six Nations.


The team didn’t win champions in the Six Nations Rugby Championship. Unfortunately, the Italy team is very close to Scotland. The team lost all the games in 2020 with zero points. But there is a hope they come up with brand new ideas for this version.

The first game will take place at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (Wales vs Italy). All the supporters of Italy look forward to this challenge.


The Wales Rugby Team is quite dominant. Until now, they won 5 times the title of champion. Wale won the champions trophy in the previous year. In addition, the points table had 23 points. The first challenge Wales will play against Italy at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on 1 February 2020.

Where are the Super Rugby Teams From?

The 2020 Super Rugby season kicks off on the 31st of January, 2020. The fifteen teams involved in the competition have been confirmed; 4 teams from Australia, 4 teams from South Africa, 5 teams from New Zealand, 1 team from Japan and 1 team from Argentina.

Where are the Super Rugby Teams From

Each of these teams will be played 16 matches throughout the season; eight of those matches will be played within the own conference, and four matches against teams from the two other conferences.

Leaders of each conference will advance to the quarterfinals as host while the 4th host would be the next-best ranked team in the overall Super Rugby standing. The next four teams in the overall standing of the Super Rugby will make up the away side of the quarterfinals.

The final of the 2020 Super Rugby will be played on the 21st of June, 2020.

Get to Know the Teams

Here are the fifteen teams participating in the competition;

  • Blues (New Zealand)
  • Brumbies (Australia)
  • Bulls (South Africa)
  • Chiefs (New Zealand)
  • Crusaders (New Zealand)
  • Highlanders (New Zealand)
  • Hurricanes (New Zealand)
  • Jaguares (Argentina)
  • Lions (South Africa)
  • Rebels (Australia)
  • Red (Australia)
  • Sharks (South Africa)
  • Stormers (South Africa)
  • Sunwolves (Japan)
  • Waratahs (Australia)

*teams are ranked alphabetically

Crusaders head to the competition as overwhelming favorites to lift the trophy. If they do go on to win, this would be their fourth on the bounce and eleventh overall.

You can watch Super Rugby online on streaming services that offer access to the channels that broadcast the championship. Australian fans can watch their favorite teams on Network One. The free-to-air network will provide a full match replay of matches featuring at least one Aussie team.

United States fans can stream online on streaming services such as Sling TV, Direct TV (AT&T NOW TV) and PlayStation TV. These apps offer access to ESPN channels, which is the official broadcaster of the 2020 season in the United States.