Watch Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix at home

Sports car enthusiasts have always been fond of electrifying car races. Funs of heavy-muscled cars, stunning race trucks, and power-packed races always look forward to the best of such events happening around the globe.

Watch Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix at home

Watching the Australian Grand Prix is one of the most thrilling experiences. This amazing race is a major annual event in Australia. However, race is not particularly known in terms of overtaking. For many years, the Albert Park Circuit has averaged for 24 overtake only. This is far much less compared to others like the Shanghai International Circuit, which averages 52 overtake per race.

Australian Grand Prix is scheduled to happen on March 13, 2020, at 02:00. Above 100,000 spectators flood through the gates during the race, making Australia host one the most attended event globally. Good to note, spectators are not only those who attend the event, but you can also catch the action in the comfort of your home.

Everything normally takes place in the morning hours. For the home watchers, it is recommended that you stock up on plenty of food and drinks and ensure that you don’t miss any episode. It does not feel good to miss an exciting part of the event in the course of fixing something for your stomach.

You can get live coverage on Eurosport that lets you follow the key moments as they happen. For more live coverage, subscribe and tune in to Sky Sports Channel using the Sky Sports channel and watch all the actions taking place at Australian Grand Prix. Sky Sports App enables you to have an F1 Australian GP live stream.

Another way to watch the event at home is by purchasing the Now TV Pass. The TV will enable you to get all the coverage of the event with friends and family at home. In case you don’t make it watch the event, listening will also do. Tune in to radio broadcasting stations that cover Australian Grand Prix such as BBC Sport and 3AW’ radio station. Radioline App can help you get access to all those channels.

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