Has IPTV been shut down?

The immediate answer is NO! Not really, but the IPTV Smarters have been removed from Google play store, and there seem to be changed according to their new terms and conditions. There have been police raids that broke up sophisticated operations that resold and pirated net-based IPTV channels.

Has IPTV been shut down

These raids have resulted in several people being arrested, and many servers shut down. The police used copyright claims to put down several IPTV services. Those IPTV services ran by gangs offered subscribers 800+ channels with movies and sports. These raids are due to the pirating of top football games.

Multiple domains such as the one-step, BestTVstreams, doozerIPTV, and TVstreamsNOW all have been seized for copyright infringements by MPA, currently known as MPA America. Others, such as XCaliberTV, informed their customers earlier that the services they offered were also seized due to copyright infringement claims. Those are some of the IPTV subscription services shut down quietly in the previous year.

For many years IPTV streaming service has had a promising massive collection of television channels for quite low rates. Hollywood noticed, and after they won few legal cases against companies such as the Dragon Box and SetTV NOW, they decided to go top speeds ahead effortlessly to do away with whatever they are seeing as a pirate service.

Strangely, MPA America and ACE are always vocal when seizing an IPTV or a pirating box service, but both are quiet about their previous successes. MPA America and ACE attempt to build up an example from services.

In the previous year, 55+ million customers lost their IPTV services. Many customers were left wondering whether they will receive a refund because they had overpaid for the next year ahead. Nobody replied to their messages when they enquired about the refund, and the social media accounts got deleted.

Reports have it that during the raid, the police got names of more than 5000 resellers, with predictions that the information got might be utilized to search these current resellers. If by any chance they have the way for companies such as Dish, they will probably go after the IPTV subscribers.

The US Justice Department went after some streaming services, which they said were pirate services. Before removal, iStreamITAll for once was one of the trendiest private Roku channels, and the FBI seized its website. Vast resource amounts are currently spent to seize pirates service with IPTV listed as one of the significant focuses by Hollywood. Only time will tell the next target of MPA America and ACE.

How to watch Golf online

Golf is one of the most followed sports worldwide. Millions of people follow all the championships of the PGA Tours, especially the four major professional championships. The men’s major golf championships, often called the majors, are the most prestigious professional golf events. They are; The U.S Open, The Open Championship, The PGA Championship, and The Masters.

The Holy Grail of professional golf is to win all four championships in a year, referred to as the Grand Slam; a feat that no golfer has ever achieved. The closest to achieving this record was Tiger Woods in 2000/01 – when he won the US Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship in 2000 and the Masters in 2001. With this, Woods became the first and only golfer to hold all majors at once.

The 2020 PGA season kicks off with the annual curtain-raiser – the Masters and the aforementioned Woods will be looking to defend the title he won in 2019. If you are a golf fan, you should be making your PGA schedule of the year to know

Here are the dates for the majors

  • 2020 Masters is slated for April 9-12.
  • 2020 PGA Championship is slated for May 14 to May 17.
  • 2020 US Open will hold between 18 and 21 June
  • 2020 Open Championship will be held on the 16-19 of July.

You can watch golf stream online on the following streaming services that offer access to channels of the official broadcasting. For example, ESPN and CBS have the right to The Masters and PGA Championship in the US; NBC has broadcasting rights to The Open Championship in the US, and FOX televises the US Open in the United States.

Streaming services with access to these networks include;

  • Sling TV
  • Hulu Live with TV
  • FuboTV
  • YouTubeTV

Watch Rafael Nadal French Open game

When it comes to watching the French Open, one of the top players that fans look forward to his games is Rafael Nadal. The Association of Tennis Professionals has ranked Rafael as the world number 1 professional tennis player in men singles. He has won several Grand Slam totaling to 19, which in history of male players he ranks second.

Watch Rafael Nadal French Open game

Are you looking forward to watching Rafael on this year’s French Open tournament? French Opens being an international sport; there are various TV channels across the world that will be broadcasting the event. You can also watch tennis live stream on the various platform that offer live streaming services. Below are some of the ways that you can watch Rafael on the French Open game this year.

  • TV channels

French Open has made it easier for its fan has there are several TV channels worldwide that live broadcast the action as it is taking place. Some of the channels where you will be able to watch your tennis idol Rafael include NBC Sports, Tennis Channel, Eurosport, beIN, Fox Sport, TV Tokyo, among many others depending on where you are located.

  • Live Streaming

For most people, live streaming has become one of the easiest ways of watching shows and events as you do not have to be limited to watching your favorite sport or show because you do have a cable. With the French Open, there are several live streaming platforms such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu TV, and Fubo TV.

  • Apps

With the advancement of technology, watching the French Open has become even more exciting as you can watch French Open online it using your phone or tablet wherever you are. Some of these apps include ITV Hub and the NBC app.

If by any chance, you are located in a country where no TV channel broadcasts this event, you can always use a VPN and access the event from wherever you are.